Saturday, March 26, 2011

From China to Mexico by way of Las Vegas

Dispatch from China Poblano at the brand, sparkling new Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm not going to lie, the concept of a half-Chinese half-Mexican restaurant I still think is kind of weird. At one bar you can watch Chinese women making noodles for dan dan mian and hand rolling wrappers for dim sum. At the other bar you can watch Mexican women rolling out and pressing masa to make tortillas for tacos. Decorations include an 8 foot tall holographic image of a Mexican wrestler's face and 18 three foot tall Chinese figurines that look like they have something to do with ancestor worship. But at the end of the day it is about the food and the Rambutan and duck tacos are a success. Dumplings were satisfactory if a pale comparison to the real deal that can be found a short cab ride away on Spring Mountain Road. You've got to admire Jose Andres- he's not afraid to throw dan dan mian noodles at the wall and see if they stick.

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